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Posted 2 days ago

Couldn’t sleep and kept waking up but brunch at the dining hall isn’t for about another hour ehhhh life is hard

Posted 8 months ago

sometimes people like posts I had reblogged and happened to have commented on and every single time I wonder if they liked the post because of my comments or the actual post

Posted 1 year ago

Apparently my boyfriend is a heavy sleeper

He just fell asleep on the couch and I accidentally banged my hand on my laptop and let out a “fuck” and I mean it was kinda quieter but he’s right next to me and now I want to see what I can do before he wakes up XD

Posted 1 year ago

Things I spam text my boyfriend while he’s sleeping when it’s 3am and I’m bored

  • When you’re in town we should go to the pet store so I can cry over the animals I can’t have
  • Help I just made like over 30 sassy replies to one post on tumblr what am I doing with my life
  • Honestly though they’re funny. I think I’m funny. I think I’m fabulous.
  • I finally understand night bloggers 
Posted 1 year ago


well we got here and there’s so much to tell but I’m super jet-lagged and I’m gonna go sleep XD starting now the queue will be running slow, maybe 5 posts a day, maybe 10, and I think it should still post on Central US time.. hooray! GOODNIGHT

Posted 1 year ago

I didn’t plan on doing any mother’s day posts on any social network until Ma and Chuey fell asleep on the couch XD Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted 1 year ago

before my laptop dies…

it’s been a HELL of a week… but today (friday) is the accounting society fall trip to chicago. I get to miss class, do fun things, no work, I’ll come back around midnight and head over to ISU to spend the weekend with scott. EXCITED

Posted 2 years ago

Just finished

and it’s 2am :’( but luckily my day won’t start til 10:30ish when I have my makeup quiz for Jap, so I can sleep a good 9 hours maybe, probly more knowing my laziness and love for the snooze button. 

anyways, I finally wrote the two thought papers for soc, I’ve done this week’s reading, prepared answers for the discussion questions, studied for my jap quiz, and the sleeptimer has been set for an hour so g’nitey nite tumblr!

edit: I’ve got the queue to run all day because right after class I’m subbing for a student manager to help set up and work at Carnival Night at the dining hall. She’ll be done with her lab around 6, which gives me time to get to karate for the test. Definitely gonna be a crazy day, wish me luck!

Posted 2 years ago

damn 5minute video upload limit…

I seriously have to wait half an hour to upload a video because it goes like 20 seconds over my daily limit? blarg -_-

Posted 2 years ago

Today was just blah

After classes I rushed to finish my application for Technos International Week in Japan, which is a thing where two students from my school and a buncha other schools get to go to Japan for two weeks for free to learn about culture and come back to share it. But because of the tsunami last year, they didn’t go last year so one student from then will go this year and now there’s only one spot for this year >_< so frantic  rushing was commencing

after that I grabbed my homework that had piled  up over the weekend and I headed to ISU and spent the rest of the day with Scott. I went to his Psych class again, and actually got work done. I just needed to get away. such a stressful day >_< Cody thankfully subbed for me at work and Chantericka wasn’t going to tutoring anyway so I had a free afternoon. We went to dinner and lots of talk time afterwards. He’s been stressing lately about a speech he has to do in class tomorrow, and he HATES public speaking, I swear it’s like a phobia for him >_< we were both messes.

I’m finally caught up on Japanese, though I still have to catch up with Otaku and Sociology but luckily I have a day or two more for both of those. sigh, college, ugh.

Is it Spring Break yet? I want to go home. Like you have no idea how badly. Verge of crying today, >_< I hate this