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Posted 9 months ago

I have this thing where I just cannot sleep without the blanket over me but it gets really humid when the heat is on so it’s like I’m too lazy to turn the fan on but I gotta sleep under the covers so I don’t die

Posted 1 year ago

You guys it’s about 2am and part of me is really tired but I just read a bunch of 2 sentence scary stories and now I feel like I’m being watched and I have my dog with me so he can sense all the evil in the room before it gets me but my mom just got home from work so I guess I feel safer because I’m not the only person in the house and now I really want to eat something but I have 2 different XL chocolate bars and a bag of hot cheetos and I can’t decide what I want because I want a little of each of those but if I open one I won’t finish it now because I’ll want it in the morning so I’ll want to save it but there’s no good way to close it once it’s opened and all this thinking about food reminded me that I drank a lot of water recently and now I have to go to the bathroom but I don’t want to get up because tumblr is right here and I only ended up on the computer right now because I had to pay my comcast rent online because I’m at home instead of at my apartment for a while because I wasn’t scheduled for work for like 3 weeks wtf because the Dunkin Donuts just opened last month and now business is still slow and we need more profits to pay the workers with before I can get more hours except that I go back to my school job as a student manager in the dining hall next week because as a student manager I get a free meal plan even though I could probably get more hours at my other job the free meal plan is just more worth my time and it’s on campus which is useful once classes start which I’m worried about because my school is on the course credit system instead of course hours so like a normal student takes 4 courses which equals 4 course credits which is the equivalent of 16 course hours (1 course = 1 course credit = 4 credit hours) and as an Accounting Major I want to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam to get my CPA degree for a larger job market and better entry salary but that requires 150 course hours which is typically 5 years of college but at Illinois Wesleyan University where I go I can finish in 4 years because I use my AP credits from high school and we have a May Term which is one month (May, because our school year ends the end of April) for one class, and I can take a 5th course which means I’ll have 20 hours at a time which I don’t hear OFTEN at other schools I mean it’s possible but harder because schools that use the credit hour system usually have a lot of classes that are worth just 3 credit hours while all of my courses are worth 4 credit hours or more if there’s a lab.

I forgot what I started this post about and it is longer than the screen shows and I’m too lazy to go back so I’m gonna go to the bathroom and maybe eat something and scroll tumblr until I fall asleep in a lazy heap of wtf

Posted 1 year ago

So I told myself I’d spend May relearning Japanese for my trip

It’s about halfway through May

I haven’t relearned anything really

because everyday I’m just like

Posted 1 year ago
Eating yogurt like Tyra Banks because I’m too lazy to get a spoon

Eating yogurt like Tyra Banks because I’m too lazy to get a spoon

Posted 2 years ago

I guess I should get ready for class…


but I’m working to set my queue back up since I’ve gained a few followers somehow while I was running around with school.

I’ll be back to spamming your dashes throughout the day soon enough!

Posted 2 years ago

I’m hungry….

but I’m too lazy to get out of bed and find food in my house…

maybe if I wait a little longer I can pretend I’m not really that hungry…

Posted 2 years ago

I’m contemplating whether or not to take my dog out for a walk since my brother was too lazy to do it earlier… it’s stormy and wet out… I think the rain might have stopped for now…

even though I don’t want to, I also don’t want to clean up any mess he makes if I don’t -_-‘

Posted 2 years ago

"Missing e" = extremely useful for lazy people like me

nostravita replied to your post: nostravita replied to your post: nostravita…

Ooohhhhhh alrighty, thank you for the advice. Seriously MUCH appreciated!!! Also how do you respond/publish the responses to your post like you are now?

A lot of people say to just copy and paste… but I’m too lazy to do that XD I have an add-on called “Missing e” which you can find by google-ing the name. you just install it for I think it said it had firefox and chrome, maybe internet explorer?

In my dashboard when it shows this:
that little bubble in the top right corner that I circled is clickable (I think it doesn’t work if you don’t have missing e, though you can try o.o)

when you click on it, it does this:
so the stuff is posted with links included and it even puts the user who you’re  quoting in the tags!

It’s also great because if I’m queueing a lot of posts at once that I saved up in tabs to put in the queue later after I’ve caught up with my dashboard…. Instead of changing the post option to “add to queue” for EVERY SINGLE POST which gets really annoying… Missing e lets you hover your curser over the “create post” button at the bottom and does this…
It’s hard to see a bit but it creates a drop down list so that I can immediately set to queue without changing it at the top of the page.

Tumblr: where laziness is always being improved to super laziness

Posted 2 years ago

I heard the ice cream truck just now

and I shot up in bed (I’m about to take a nap)

but then I lied back down because I realized that I was too lazy and comfy to go figure out where in the neighborhood it actually is.

Posted 2 years ago

So I got back from karate a little over an hour ago…

Still haven’t started homework…. still not going to….. ughhhhhhhh want spring break >_<