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Another vid of KH doing Everybody…

omg there are more than one of these…

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"Kingdom Hearts Everybody"

I don’t know what this is… but I can’t stop staring at it…

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Probably one of the best KH remix videos I’ve ever seen. Definitely take some time out of your wednesday to watch! 

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video game songs

i never played any KH and these songs still make me nostalgic

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This weekend shall be epic

I’ve already had a wonderful amazingly happy day, even if I got a parking citation, I am still sooooo happy! Got my paycheck today, mom will put money in my account to pay off my tickets, my period is done (sorry boys for the girl talk again XD), I was surprisingly productive today, class went by smoothly, took Scott out to Monical’s Pizza for his birthday dinner, he came over to IWU and we hung out with Cookie and Missy watching Harry Potter and Teen Titans, such a good day!!!

Tomorrow at 8am starts the IWU Humans vs Zombies game, and I have to go talk to Professor Woodis so I can get into his German Romanticism class next semester, gotta be on the lookout for the first zombie o.o lol I’m safe XD no one’s up that early except crazy people! Only have Japanese tomorrow, though it is a test so I’ll spend the day studying -_-’ But right after class Scott and I are heading back to Lake County because his mom won tickets to the Colin Mocherie and Brad Sherwood show in Waukegan!!! SO EXCITED! It shall be fun! And then we’ll be staying the night in VH ^_^

It’ll be nice cuz Ma doesn’t work this weekend ^_^ Saturday I’m gonna go to the mall and hopefully they have my ring because I miss it :( Also gotta stop at Sunset Foods to see if they have starfruit :) because that will be such a cute present for Scott for our 6month :D It’ll also be fun to be home and see my family and MAH PUPPY!!!! lol and since it’s a Saturday, Scott and I don’t have to go home at 3pm like always, we can stay a little later than usual! And again, without school the next day, I get to sleepover at ISU :)))))

Sunday sadly I still work my brunch shift, but eh it doesn’t start til 10:30 so not too bad. Probably won’t hangout with Scott afterwards just because we’ll probably both have homework XD I have SOOO much to do but I’m WAYYYY too excited for this weekend. It shall be Scott’s epic birthday weekend!

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Hikari - Kingdom Hearts (Utada Hikaru)

Download link

hah I was totally singing the english lyrics in my head XD

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